Tom works with record labels and artists/bands across the UK, EU and State side providing a host of different music production skills. Producing artists/bands from the ground up including musical arrangements, pre-prodution, session organisation, tracking, mixing and mastering. Specialising in Funk, Rock, Roots, Jazz, Hip Hop and Altterative styles of music. 


BIO - Tom has come along way from his Dad’s 4-track reel to reel, his love and passion for recording and producing music started by sitting in on his Uncle’s recording sessions (Richard Digby Smith). Richard had recorded some of the biggest names in music over the past 60 years including working for island records. Tom quickly became involved in recording bands/artists. As well as producing his own records Tom's productions have been released on international record labels including PunkSlime (Sweden) and Gulf Coast Records (USA) and Hillside Global. Radio play across the globe including  BBC Stations. 

Before Tom gets to work on your project a phone or Skype meeting always works great to exchange ideas and get  your influences and vibes down with a clear vision. 


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