Tom works with record labels and artists/bands across the UK, EU and State side providing a host of different music production skills. Producing artists/bands from the ground up including musical arrangements, pre-prodution, session organisation, tracking, mixing and mastering. Specialising in Funk, Rock, Roots, Jazz, Hip Hop and Altterative styles of music. 

Short BIO - Tom has come along way from his Dad’s 4-track reel to reel, his love and passion for recording and producing music started by sitting in on his Uncle’s recording sessions (Richard Digby Smith). Richard had recorded some of the biggest names in music over the past 60 years including working for island records. Tom quickly became involved in recording bands/artists. As well as producing his own records Tom's productions have been released on international record labels including PunkSlime (Sweden) and Gulf Coast Records (USA), radio play across the globe including all major BBC Stations. 

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Resent Work 

Pricing Options Available: 

 "Every project is different and requires a range of approaches. I have selected these options to suit the job in hand" Thomas Atlas 

Before Tom gets to work on your track(s), a phone or Skype meeting always works great to exchange ideas and get  your influences and vibes down with a clear vision. 


Online remote options - Remote mixing is done at Tom's private studio, 'Hybrid Sound Studios'. 

Mixing per track under 7 minutes + 2 call backs = £150 (Tracks under 3 minutes + 1 Call Back = £80).

Mixing EP (4 tracks) + 2 call backs per track = £500 (£100 per added track) 

Mixing Album (12 tracks) + 4 call backs per track = £1500 (£100 per added track) 

Mastering - £25 per track, including 1 call back. 

Mixing and Mastering Deal - £160 per track with 3 call backs included. 

£20 per extra call back if needed. 

Studio attended sessions  (Covid-19 restrictions may apply)

Budget project studio rates - Tom works at many small but professional studio spaces, this is a great option if budget doesn't allow for big studios spaces:

10 Hour day £200. 

(unsigned acoustic Solo artists rate £100 per 8 hour day). 

Portable Recording Studio 

Lets bring the studio to you!

Backed, supported and endorsed by focusrite. Tom has a 24 Channel portable recording studio, kitted out with industry standard ribbon, dynamic and condenser microphones. Perfect for lockup and rehearsal rooms or anywhere with plug sockets! 

10 hours £180 

Fuel costs will be confirmed before hand. 


The system doesn't support live gig recording, only live sessions or studio tracking/mixing. (this day rate does not include mixing or mastering) 

Tom works with a wide array of studios each offering their unique vibes. 

Producing, Pre-production and Arrangement 

Hire Thomas Atlas as the producer for your next project. £200 per day plus expenses. 

Full Producing and Production Packages (pre-production, recording, mixing and mastering) 

These packages include the pro studio hire of our choice, from the very start till finish.  Complete organisation of the project from start to finish. 

Song £2000. 

EP £6000

Album £15.000   

Full Producing and Production Packages (pre-production, recording, mixing and mastering) - Project studio hire

per songs £1000 



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